Structural steel building construction is very widely used today. Many buildings are made with structural steel sections. Structural steel and beams provide tremendous support, and they offer many advantages in building. The design of the I-beam makes it reliable for handling all different loads. These materials make buildings stronger and safer.

Steel Is Easily Produced and Molded by Experienced Fabricators

One advantage of structural steel is that it is easily fabricated and produced. It can be molded in a shop and still be strong enough to support a building. The designers and steel specialty contractors cooperate in design, fabrication, and construction of structural steel because 3D interoperability and building information modeling helps them save time and work together.

Structural Steel Is Cost Effective

When different materials are evaluated for projects, structural steel leads the industry in affordability. A structural steel framing system that includes decking and fire protection normally costs 5% to 7% less than concrete.

Structural Steel Buildings Are Strong

Structural steel is stronger than other materials, even those reinforced with steel. Typically, steel is 50 ksi material, and it has a yield stress of 50,000 pounds per square inch. This holds true for compression as well as tension.

Structural Steel Is Sustainable

The most recycled material on the planet is structural steel. It is made up of 88% recycled product. It can be recycled when it is no longer used, and it can be reused without any processing. The recycling rate is 100%, and it doesn’t cost anything to demolish steel because the material can be scrapped.

Building with Structural Steel Is Efficient

Structural steel building construction uses slender columns, which allows for greater floor space. In fact, structural steel occupies 75% less floor space than its concrete equivalent. All kinds of buildings benefit from the efficiency of structural steel construction.